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I got in a legal bind and found myself facing the judgment of the courts as well as many of my friends and family. Anyone can get in trouble and sometimes trouble finds them. This is particularly true if they have had trouble in the past. Trouble and I have a complicated history.

I looked into resources currently available. What I found was non-existent; underfunded and difficult to access, or overrated and ineffective programs. Some programs were more helpful and supportive than others, I made note of those and decided to open a few up of my own.

R3 Contingencies offers communication, financial and transportation services in addition to helping locate other resources such as employment.

With a job, doors open up and more opportunities present themselves. Without sufficient funds; housing and meeting basic needs is difficult. Welfare is conditional, social security is supplemental, and with a record, finding a job can be challenging. Pursuing alternative options can lead to recidivism. A good-paying job is ideal and R3 Contingencies can help.

I have a mind for business and put it to good use, I had to, my legal issues limited my employment options and terminated others but didn’t leave me without assets. I reinvested those assets into R3 Contingencies and filled a need that needed filling.

The communication piece is also very important to me. When they took away my phone, I literally couldn’t call anyone because I couldn’t remember any phone numbers. I had to walk home, at night, in the rain because my phone died in police custody. The police didn’t give me a chance to grab my wallet or my phone charger before giving me a one-way ride to the police station, so I couldn’t get a cab or call a ride. It was an eye-opener. My long, wet, angry walk home gave me plenty of time to think. R3 Contingencies was born that night.

I began in New Hampshire, my home state and expanded into Massachusetts, Now we are available in all 50 states

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