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Prison Points of View: The Most Prisoners in the World

How is it that the land of the free has become home to the most prisoners in the world? When did the inalienable, God-given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness become alienated?

As I’ve already stated before, the problem is control issues. Everyone knows someone with unhealthy control issues.  The issue becomes even more complicated because we live in a democracy where everyone, in theory, has a say. If you’re in the majority, then your say will have more influence than if you were in the minority. In this instance, minority and majority are defined not by race or religion, but by philosophy and preference.

Do you want to wear a seatbelt? Should marijuana be legal? Should LSD or heroin? What you consider decent or indecent?  These questions and thousands more are all just personal preferences they’re not aligned with any particular race or political party or any other delineations typically made in our country.

White, gay, Democrat, black, hetero, Republican, Latinx, celibate, independent, etc… Mix it up however you like. Some like to smoke pot. Some like to ride without helmets; and some don’t. It is impossible to predict anyone’s personal preferences without actually knowing the person.  To do otherwise is the very definition of prejudice! 

The point (and problem) here is that we, as a country, have developed a system where one person’s morality is able to be passed into law and becomes everyone’s morality and if you disagree and don’t obey you are a criminal. Now one could argue that we are a democracy and so we need to follow the rule of the majority.  This would be true except it is not actually the majority, it’s the Influential, who are making these choices for us.

On top of that, there is no rational or logical reason why what you or I do should be dictated by what someone a hundred miles away thinks. We will never meet them; they don’t know us. There is no common ground between us. What we do does not affect them.  There is no reason what they think should dictate what we do except, of course, power and control.  Now the government, be it Republican, Democrat, Socialist, etc… is in the business of self-perpetuation, and the easiest way for an organization like our government to ensure its existence is to make themselves indispensable.  Our country has taken a pernicious, underhanded approach to this.

They’ve created a National Emergency! A threat to our very way of life a danger to our families, our wives, our children! What is this menace?  Criminals, drug dealers, sex offenders, gang members, thieves, etc… the list goes on.  How can you be made safe? What is the only way to deal with these “problems”? More police, more laws, more prosecutors, more prisons! Obviously not by changing laws, decriminalizing things, building a practical mental health network, loosening the stranglehold on the people. No, certainly not with more public defenders. No, not that, because, why do those criminals, those animals, need their rights defended?

You understand, if you keep pointing at the “monsters,” to which class I belong, you will never see the man behind the curtain.  You will not see how the government doubled-down and locked itself into position. You just blindly accept what the media, all of it, tells you and accept your need for security.

This is how the land of the free has become home to the most prisoners in the world.
Gregory LaVallee

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