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Serving NH & MA




We use calls, text, email, and messenger and signal to contact Members and their contacts. Specifics will be decided on a case to case basis. Unless requested, communications to Members’ contacts shall be by phone. Upon request an authorization sheet may be signed to allow your contacts to opt in for text, email and messenger communications.

All correspondences will be attempted up to three (3) times, unless otherwise directed, we leave a message.  

We inform contacts of the arrest and bail requirements, as well as, delivering basic messages of a legal and mundane nature only. We will NOT speak to third-parties unless you specifically authorize us to and will leave a brief message giving only the pertinent information unless the Member requests a specific message be given.

If you wish to make a change in your Contact List, let us know as soon as possible so that in case of emergencies, all of our information is correct and up to date. We only call the names and numbers on your list, if those names and numbers are not correct and up to date, we will not be able to contact every person on your list.

We are environmentally friendly and almost paperless.  

Monetary Resources: Flex Funds: Flex funds are available with the Silver and Gold Plan only

Flex funds can be used in several different ways:

  • Deposited into your commissary account to be used to self-bail or purchase goods, such as: food, toiletries, sandals, hoodies, etc… in the facility store; or
  • Provided to you family to help with expenses.

If the Member chooses to make monthly payments for a Silver Membership or Gold Membership, all services, except the Flex Funds will be immediately available. Flex Funds will be available after Ninety (90) days provided the account has been current for Ninety (90) days and remains current.

If the member pays the annual fee in full for a Silver Membership or Gold Membership, all services, including Flex Funds are available immediately. Additional Flex Funds may be utilized with the purchase of a Rider. See Rider for further information.

Transportation Services

We pay for your transport to a destination of your choice within your eligible mileage area. Should you require a ride further than your mileage area, a fee of $5.00 per mile shall be charged to your account unless you have purchased the Mileage Rider.  By signing the Contract, you specifically authorize us to process this fee using the payment method on file.

Extra miles may be purchased through the Rider. See Rider for more information.  

Depending upon the facilities policies we will either pick you up at the facility or at a designated pick up location. The designated pick up location shall be arranged through the facility Social Worker or Services Coordinator prior to release.



We will work to assist you in receiving a free or inexpensive cell phone.


We will work to assist you in obtaining your driver’s license and an inexpensive vehicle or locating a ride, so that you can get to work, parole/probation appointments, and anywhere else that you need to go.


Everyone’s situation is a little different, but the first question anyone getting released asks, is what happens now? Do you have a place to stay? Staying with family is often a short-term solution since it puts strain on relationships and resources. Reconnecting and rebuilding relationships can be tricky enough without the added pressure of living with each other day in and day out. Not everyone has the option of staying with relatives or friends.

We provide information on the following:

  • Shelter or housing referrals
  • Referrals to record-friendly landlords


We will provide you with referrals to record-friendly employers and career development services.

R3 Contingencies, LLC (“R3”) Referral Program

R3 has a Referral Program where a Member who makes a referral may receive discounts and or other benefits as described below:

  • Members who make a referral to the R3 will be paid an amount equal to one (1) month of payment for their current Membership Plan.
  • Referrals are credited to a Member when a new Member indicates they were referred by a current Member or provides the account number of a current Member.  Referrals may also be tracked when they sign a Contract and provide a Referral Code upon signing the Contract.
  • Payments for referrals are sent to the Member who made the referral within Three (3) to Five (5) business days via PayPal or MoneyGram. Sender fees will be deducted from the amount sent.  PayPal sender fees total 2.5% and MoneyGram sender fees total $11.50.
  • Referrals shall be made by email or text as described below.  

To make a referral by email:  Send the email to Services@R3-Kon.com, with “R3 Referral” as the subject line. The message must include the following information: your name and phone number, plus the name and number of the person or persons you are referring.

To Make a referral by text: Text 978 Kon-Went with the following information: your name and phone number, plus the name and number of the person or persons you are referring.

Members who make frequent referrals may be given the opportunity to earn a higher commission fee.

Employment Opportunities

Anyone interested in pursuing a future career with R3 can check out our website R3-Kon.com. Send R3 a message through Facebook Messenger, email R3, or text 978 Kon-Went and we will send you a link to visit for more information.  Training and educational support will be provided upon request.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I share my R3 benefits with my friends?
A: No. Your benefits are for you and you alone.

Q: Can I use my ride to avoid a DUI or to get from one place or another?
A: No. Your benefits are available only after an arrest has occurred.

Q: I already used my Flex Funds for $1,000.00 bail. Can I use them again that year if I need to?
A: Yes. You are able to use them, however, the fee for the bail commissioner will come out of your Flex Funds.

Q: If the police deny me my call can someone else activate my benefits for me?
A: Yes. A third-party can activate your account by informing us of your arrest, however, they cannot change your membership, benefits, or modify your account unless they are an authorized user.

Q: Can I use my Flex Funds if I am low on cash?
A: No. Your benefits are available only after an arrest has occurred.

Q: What do I tell R3 when I call?
A: Once you have been arrested and you call R3, just give us your name, your member number, and the facility that you are being held at. We are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice, so we will refer an attorney or contact your’s as necessary.

Q: If I am unable to coordinate my legal defense from jail, how will lawyer referral help me?
A: You cannot be denied contact with your lawyer. If you do not have an attorney already, we can refer one to you if necessary.

Q: What if I am too far from home after I am released?
A: We offer the ability to pay for miles over and above your mileage benefit. Should you require more miles, we can arrange for you to prepay your mileage overage and we will get you home.

Q: A police officer is telling me I need to give him my double-blind number. Do I need to?
A: As we are not attorneys we cannot provide legal advice, however, if you do not have an attorney already, we can refer one to you to assist you in making legal decisions about your arrest.

Q: What if I am in a different State when I am arrested, can you still help me?
A: As you may be out of our service area, we may only be able to provide partial benefits. In most cases, we will be able to assist you in some manner. This is contingent upon what State and what membership benefits you have.

Q: Can I buy it for someone else?
A: Yes. You can purchase a Membership for another person.

Q: When I am released, if I have a balance on my commissary, do I get to keep it?
A: This depends on the specific prison/jail’s policies and procedures. In some cases, it may be refunded to your R3 Membership and be held per the Flex Fund Policy.